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Brown Crake (Amaurornis akool - (Sykes) 1832)

The Brown Crake (Amaurornis akool), or Brown Bush-hen, is a waterbird in the rail and crake family (Rallidae) found in South Asia. The brown crake is a very plain, dingy bird, its dark greenish-brown plumage being only slightly relieved by a white throat, and grey face, neck, breast, and belly; the legs are dull red, or in young birds reddish-brown. It feeds particularly on small animal life, and is not so much of a skulker as many of its tribe, and early in the morning may be found in the vicinity of water, running about on the bare ground or rocks, and is frequently seen swimming. Pools, streams, and open wells, with but little cover, are frequented by it, and it often perches